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About US NutriKey

US NutriKeys is a long-awaited dream that finally comes true for our founder Tran Pham. Since the early 2000s, Tran has been passionate about bringing healthy products to people without compromising affordability. After years of research, US NutriKeys is born, bringing ultra-premium product lines that aim to improve health, reduce pain, while making you look and feel great!

Our ingredients are carefully selected, both synthetic and natural, to follow strict government guidelines while ensuring maximum health benefits for our customers. Our slogan “Heathy Products. Stronger You.” is backed with the promises below to give you a peace of mind shopping with us.

We greatly appreciate your support and thank you for being a part of US NutriKey.



US NutriKey Team

Why US Nutrikey

Made in USA

Our ingredients are of the highest quality, | with most of our products being proudly made in the USA.

FDA Certified Facility

A product is only as good as its’ manufacturers, so we only work with facilities that are registered and certified by the FDA.

GMP Compliance

Our manufacturing partners follow strict government guidelines in all production processes to provide safe and healthy products for our customers.

Multi-Functional Products

All of our products are designed to address multiple health problems at once, saving you from overspending on separate supplements.

Free Shipping

With all orders, with any purchase amount, both international and domestically. Yes, we are awesome!

Customer Service

We are committed to provided fast and reliable customer service, so you can shop with ease.