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Shipping & Returns

What are the shipping fees?

We offer multiple shipping methods to cater to your preferences and needs. These may include standard shipping, expedited shipping, and international shipping options. The cost of shipping will depend on the purchase amount, the method selected, and the delivery location.

• For domestic standard shipping (3–7 business days): $10
• For domestic expedited shipping (2–3 business days): $19.95
• For Vietnam: $10 (For order up to $500). Please contact us via email at sales@usnutrikey.com for orders over $500
• For international shipping inquiries, please contact us at sales@usnutrikey.com or +1 (714) 975-9865 for more information.

What is your return policy?

Due to the nature of our products and our commitment to maintaining strict hygiene standards for all our customers, we have implemented a strict 'No Return Acceptable' policy.
We encourage customers to review product details and specifications carefully before making a purchase decision. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in adhering to our policy.

How do I track my order?

To track your order, please use the tracking number provided in your shipping notification email to track your shipment. Simply copy the tracking number and paste it into the tracking tool on the courier's website.

What if my order is damaged or faulty?

We understand that unforeseen circumstances may occur during transit that could result in damaged or faulty products. Please reach out to our customer service team via email at sales@usnutrikey.com . We are committed to resolving the issue promptly.


How long will it take to see the results?

It's clinically proven to provide noticeable improvements in your skin's hydration, radiance, and firmness in just 6 weeks, with dramatic results after 12 weeks. For faster results, we recommend taking two servings a day.

What happens when you stop taking marine collagen?

Research shows that if you stop taking the supplement completely, the benefits will slowly disappear, and your skin will return to its original state.

Are there any additives or extra ingredients in UNK Marine Collagen Peptides?

No. Our marine collagen peptides do not contain any additives or unnatural ingredients. Our collagen is 100% pure, fat-free, sugar-free, gluten-free, and dairy-free. We also do not use genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

Why should one choose wild-caught fish collagen over farm-raised fish collagen?

Wild-caught fish, caught from their natural habitats in the cold, fresh, pristine waters of the ocean, are free from undesirable antibiotics, hormones, and harmful contaminants. In contrast, antibiotics and other chemicals are typically used to control diseases and parasites in farm-raised fish environments. The presence of these substances in farm-raised fish collagen can have a negative effect on the purity and efficacy of the collagen product.

Can collagen help with osteoporosis and osteoarthritis?

Collagen plays an important role in bone mass. Collagen supplementation may help improve bone mass density and prevent osteoarthritis and osteoporosis.

Who should avoid marine collagen?

While marine collagen is generally safe for most people, individuals with known allergies to fish or seafood should avoid marine collagen to prevent allergic reactions. Additionally, those following a vegetarian or vegan diet may choose to avoid marine collagen due to its animal-derived source. People with specific medical conditions, such as kidney disease, liver disease, or metabolic disorders that affect amino acid metabolism, should consult with a healthcare provider before taking marine collagen.

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